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The Highland Magician/Hypnotist and After Dinner Speaker

The minimum booking for magic and/or speaking engagements is 30 minutes, and this is for venues within 10 miles of Inverness.  Other locations may require a 60 minute booking.  For stage hypnosis, the minimum performance time is 60 minutes (however do allow an additional 60 minutes for final setting-up, introducing the show, asking for volunteers and returning the volunteers to their seats after the performance).  Fees do not include travel costs outwith 10 miles from Inverness.  Stage Hypnosis performances fees are from £500.  Magic rates are lower. Not including prime times of the year, (Christmas, New Year mostly) Fees are from £70 for the first 30 minutes, £125 for the first hour, then from £55 for each additional 30 minutes.  Obviously magic fees are dependent on the event size etc.  HOWEVER, further discounts may be available for bookings of 2 hours or more and/or for ongoing bookings.   For prime times, please contact for details.  Travel costs are approximately 45p per mile (one way), but may be free if either an ongoing booking, or length of booking is suffice to absorb travel costs.  (eg a 3 hour booking in Aviemore would enjoy free travel costs).   For Speaking Engagments, please do contact for details.   But if nothing else, no harm in making an enquiry :)

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