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The Highland Magican.

Making Everything more


Available throughout the Highlands......the UK....even Worldwide!

The Highland Magician specialises in "minimal close up magic".  Using common found items, and relying on minimal sleight of hand, the Highland Magician will astound you with amazing illusions that "just happen".  When performing he will introduce comedy and banter into his routines, and even enjoys demonstrating how some of the illusions are done so that you to can be a Master Magician!

Close Up/Table Magic

Bookings from 30 minutes upwards.


The beauty of close up magic is that it is for everyone.  The Highland Magician is ideal for all funtions, and does not need to set up electrical equipment or take up floor space, and can be suitable from weddings, to parties... from promotions to, well, anything you can think of!

Stage Hypnotist

Professional Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.


When it comes to stage hypnosis, you must use a true professional.  Scott has been a full-time hypnotist since 1998, and takes his performances very seriously to provide optimum entertainment, but taking great care to respect his volunteers. Only really suitable for venues with 100 or more in the audience.  Also available is "hypnosis parties" for smoking, weight loss, sports (inc golf) etc.  Contact for more details.

After Dinner Speaking

Specialist area being Hypnosis.


Sometimes it can be challenging to find a speaker who can engage with the audience whilst being entertaining and informative.


Since 1998 Scott has helped many people from Joe Public to World Class Athletes achieve the results they desire, and let there is limitting understanding of the powers of hypnosis, that many never explore the true potential that is within us all.

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